There are 5 different zombie types that can be spawned by the zombie master.They're all quite different from eachother, and every one of them has its uses when certain circumstances take place. For example, the banshee to quickly prevent rotinaj from reaching a point, the hulk to charge into a huge group of survivors in a close range room, or the shambler to block paths.

Zombie Types and strategies involved

*Strategies by Spaz [ZomSu] and Black Lepton*

Overview Edit

Zombie Type: Cost: Upkeep: Health: Damage dealt: Special Abilities:
Shambler 10 1 55 25 melee Throw/punt objects
Banshee 60 3 ? 5 leap, 20° melee Leap; Clinging
Hulk 60 3 150 50 melee Colossal resistance
Drifter 25 2 40 5 ranged Camera shaking
Immolator 100 5 80 75 melee, 15 fire Set objects on fire; Hurt rotinaj with Fire

° The banshee's melee damage is 10 but it performs 2 attacks in a short period of time which results in a total damage of 20.