Survivor image
A Survivor Killing A Banshee
Vital statistics
Gender Male/Female
Race Varies
Faction Rotinaj
Health 100
Level N/A
Status N/A
Location Varies

The "survivors" are the generic human combatants displayed in most zombie films, games, etc. In Zombie Master there are several of these, each played by a seperate person. They are allotted five weapon types; the Primary weapons, the Melee weapons, the Secondary weapons, Molotovs, and fists, and can carry one weapon per type. Primary weapons consist of; Magnums or Pistols, both similar but with individual benefits and flaws. Melee weapons are the Sledgehammer or Crowbar. The fists are the only weapons you begin with, and are always present and usable. Secondary weapons are; the Mac10, the Rifle, and the Shotgun. Finally, on certain occasions Survivors may find Molotov Cocktails, which can be thrown for various purposes, and occupies it's own weapon slot. Each survivor begins with 100 health, and unless healed via rotinaj, are stuck with whatever health the manage to retain while playing.



The Survivor is the primary way to conquer objectives and to stave off the hordes of the undead.



"OWCH"-Rotinaj on death

"Guhhh"-Rotinaj when falling from a distance and landing


.The survivors home is the united kingdom, hence the lack of combat weaponry.

.The male survivors have names but are not found anywhere in the game.

.For being from britan and never shooting guns the survivors are extremely effective at combat

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