The Sniper Rifle model seen in the Zombie Master SDK

The Sniper Rifle is a cut weapon from Zombie Master,

The Sniper Rifle is military 80's Carbine with a Sniper scope on it, it had a deadly power with a 8 magazine size, and a max ammunition of 14 (8\14), making the ammunition extremely scarce.

It was cut probably because Zombie Master was a objective-based game, and zombies everywhere, so it would be useless and overpowered.

Like some of the cut weapons, the Sniper RIfle can be used in custom maps, but it is extremely rare


Sniper Rifles can be found on some maps, but they cannot be used.

The Sniper Rifle is a Sig SG550 Assault Rifle with a Sniper Scope, adjustable stock, and bipod.

The Sniper Rifle looks extremely similar to the SG550 in Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike:Source (Alternatively named the "Krieg 550 Commando").

The bipod equipped on the Sniper Rifle cannot be used.

Altough the Sniper Rifle's slect fire button located on its magazine is set to full-automatic, it will always fire in semi-automatic.

The phrase 'Propriety of ROTINAJ' can be seen written on the stock.