Vital statistics
Type melee
Effects melee
Source Source
Cost to buy found
Cost to sell N/A

The Slegehammer is one of 2 melee weapons included in the main content download of ZM 1.2.1 and can be used to kill at least two different types of zombies for lack of a better weapon/ammo or simply for fun.

Zombies which are easy to kill with a sledgehammer(1 hit): shambler (run in swinging and come out quickly backstrafing) Banshee (hard to kill without being hit (come in from behind))

Fire types left mouse- hit them with the butt of the sledgehammer right mouse- slam the head of the sledgehammer down on your foes!



It is written 'ZM Industries' on the Sledgehammer.

Through it is very useful and powerful, many players do not care about them or seeing one.

In rare occasions, it is possible to hit a shambler with the high attack two times without killing him.

A real-life Sledgehammer is much taller than the Sledgehammer in ZM

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