"Goddamit, i said stop it!"

-A Survivor on rotinaj who's griefing

Zombie Master Griefing

Zombie Master Griefing

Griefing (or trolling) is a abusive way to annoy teammates, abusing of a bug also counts are griefing

Types of gameplay that are NOT considered griefingEdit

Getting powerful weapons instead of giving them to teammates

Jumping through zombies and escape them

Get over the way of your teammates

Steal ammo for yourself

Types of gameplay that are griefingEdit

Teamkilling on custom servers

Exploding barrels hold by teammates, to make their HP lower to 10 or kill them

Micspamming annoying musics and/or loud noises that prevents the players from playing fair

Abusing admin powers.

Using a gllitch for your advantage (ex: getting godmode, pass through zombies, get out the map etc.)

Don't following the map objectives, such don't deliver the keycard to the door or throw it on a cliff.

Shoot at Immolators close to teammates to explode them all instead of running from him.

Shoot crates in zm_ship to don't let your teammates jump to them and fall on the water

Throwing weapons away to your teammates

Offensive/Racist chat or microphone. Hacking.

Exploiting the map/server.

Using glitches to crash the server on purpose.

Blocking your teammates.

Destroying boxes with firearms on the map zm_bubbles_v0.2, in order to make them fall.

Ignoring admins.

Throw boxes or other objects on more powerful zombies, as they don't have an attack animation on items it is probable that either the server or game will crash. 

Types of gameplay that can be considered griefingEdit

Running through zombies to die and leave your teammates if the server is with a low level of players.

Being AFK on the spawn or in other area on purpose.

Micspamming a music/sound that some players like it but some of them don't.

Arguing with other players.

Exiting the server while you are the leader of the group or have a powerful weapon.

Kicking players with high ping as an admin.

Muting several players.

Shooting the revolver randomly.

Ignoring rotinaj.