Sounds: Edit

[[1]]Weapon Soundpack - spoof
[[2]]Death Sounds - cooleyo (without echo)
[[3]]HUD Soundpack - Tannerbondy
[[4]]Star Wars Replacement Sounds - DrDerekStiles
[[5]]Rusty's Shambler Sounds - -Rusty-
[[6]]Quake II Shotgun Sounds - John Mancer
[[7]]Weapon Sounds Pack - Citizen_001

Textures: Edit

[[8]]Sledgehammer Skin - carsonauto
[[9]]Rifle Skin - carsonauto
[[10]]Gory Shambler Skins - ExisM
[[11]]Civilian Player Reskin - PainfulFlare
[[12]]Machete Reskin - carsonauto
[[13]]Dark Metal Shotgun - carsonauto
[[14]]Shambler and Banshee Reskin - -Rusty- Russ Harris
[[15]]ZM Add-on Pack - TannerBondy/carsonauto/Killo$ity/The Moon
[[16]]Blood Mod - rake
[[17]]Ghost Drifters - RomeoJGuy
[[18]]HEV Suit Zombie - ShiftRecoil
[[19]]Shambler Reskin - Mosquito
[[20]]New Shambler Skins & Sounds - -Rusty-
[[21]]Winchestah Textures now with worlds! - Racer445
[[22]]Rusty's Survivor Skins - -Rusty-
[[23]]Rusty's Shambler Reskins & Sounds - -Rusty-
[[24]]Racer445's Pistol Retexture - Racer445
[[25]]Fleshy Drifter Skin - Cremator
[[26]]Bloody Survivor Hands - Marauder8[UK]]
[[27]]Mac-10 Reskin - JusticeInACan
[[28]]Less HL2-ish Pack Addendum - Marphy Black
[[29]]Zombie Variety Pack - Rusty/Marphy Black

Models: Edit

[[30]]Low Poly Zombies (Can Increase FPS) - Dr. Doener
[[31]]ZM Super Pack - carsonauto/TheMoon
[[32]]Machete -TheMoon (Offsite Link)
[[33]]Mac-10 Ammo Clip - prototstar
[[34]]Armed Anti-Zombie Survivors - Dr. Doener
[[35]]Shovel - Cremator
[[36]]Shotgun Ammo - Cremator
[[37]]Open-Chested Drifter - Cremator
[[38]]Iron-Sights - Cremator
[[39]]Zombie Doberman Banshee Replacement - Rilman
[[40]]1.2 Sledgehammer - Ficcy
[[41]]Fast Zombie Banshee Replacement Import - Pseudomonkey
[[42]]Snork Banshee Replacement - Marphy Black/Snood_1990
[[43]]Replacement Immolator Model - Cremator
[[44]]Frying Pan Replacement - Water-Marine
[[45]]Tec-9 Replacement - cat
[[46]]Anti-Hero Axe - kenshi/OTMZ
[[47]]Baseball Bat - TheMoon
[[48]]Old Shotgun Replacement - Marphy Black
[[49]]Browning Custom Hi-Power MkIII - Kimono/Z3RO
[[50]]Mac-11 - Enron/Z3RO
[[51]]Muscular Hulk - Cremator
[[52]]Rusty's Chris Redfield and Grigori Reskin Player Models - Rusty
[[53]]Mossberg 590 - Z3RO

Mapper's Tools: Edit

[[54]]Count Down Timer - Comrade Joe
[[55]]Custom Zombies - Charles445

Miscellaneous: Edit

[[56]]Any Basic Color HUD Scheme - Kirby Thunderstrike
[[57]]ZombieMaster-Strike - Dr. Doener
[[58]]New Menu Background - macoto
[[59]]ZM Desktop Icon - Killo$ity
[[60]]Menu Enhancement - prototstar
[[61]]ZM Desktop Background - Killo$ity/PzK/Milkman
[[62]]28 Weeks Later Pack - Samhain
[[63]]New Loading Screen - weroper.GX
[[64]]New Menu Screen - weroper.GX
[[65]]ZM Overhaul Pack & Standalone Rifle Skin - IronBlueFox
[[66]]New Kill Function - Tannerbondy
[[67]]Zombie Master Weapon Selection Icons Pack - Tannerbondy
[[68]]Custom Loading Screen - ashadocat
[[69]]Downtown Custom Loading Screen - Citizen_001 BLACKJACK AND HOOKERS! sz. */

Server Plugins: Edit

[[70]]ZM Upgrade Plugin - Wiebbe
[[71]]RPG Plugin - Nican123
[[72]]Barricade Mod - Lobe
[[73]]FX Hack v.02 - fifi(cat)
[[74]]Name Kicker - Uknown

The list of nonmap custom content was created by rotinaj for the zm forums.