This map was created by banshee, currently it is only available on metagamings 24/7 random server. IT consists of 36 different traps.


AFK/CAMP (kill afk/campers)

Suicidal Barney (barney flies out of a box, down the line, instakilling whoever he touches, then kamikazing with a 150 damage explosion)

Box (crate falls)

Billy Mays (Billy Mays kills you with his balls)

Saw Blade (Saw kills you on the line)

Spikes (line falls and u die in spikes)

Vending Machine (Soda Machine is launched down the line)

HAX (Dr.Hax {Breen} launches computers down the line)

Spikes (Spikes come up)

CRAZY ASS BOX (A box from Banshees previous maps flys out, however this trap is almost useless as it is very small)

Fred (Glass breaks and you go to hell)

Fire (Fire burns you at 25-35 damage every second)

Nom (face eats and digest's you0

Bad Breath (face kills you with it's breath)

Rick Roll (glass warps you)

Seagull gun (glass warps you)

Dr.Phil (glass warps you)

Glass Breaks (you fall)

Cool Aid (glass warps)

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU (fence comes down where you get disentegrated)

Justin Bieber (No Comment)

You Lose (glass closes)

Crush (fence smooshes you)

Disentergrate (obvious)

box (it goes boom)

Barrels (barrels fall and go boom)

Indianna Jones (Boulder of doom)

Many, many, more.....................

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