The 'Terminator' glitch where the player holds all weapons with one hand

'What?! that wasn´t supposed to happen!'

-Rotinaj contempling about bugs

Bugs or Exploits are errors of the ZM mod, this is probably because even after 6 years in development, ZM is still in beta version.

Main BugsEdit

-Sometimes, the pistol will not make a sound

-It is still possible to kill a teammate by shooting the barrel they are holding

-Sometimes, a Shambler may survive 4 or more hits from a sledgehammer

-In rare occasions, the Drifters will not spit their saliva

-In some occasions, the player will hold all the weapons with one hand.

-While on a ladder, holding the fire button with a Mac-10/Pistol will unleash a super shot as soon as you leave the ladder. This consumes most/all of your current magazine.

-Picking up objects with the E key sometimes fails.

-Banshees can do an enormous amount of damage if selected and ordered to attack a Survivor repeatedly. It causes ~100 damage in 2 seconds.

-Env_fire will not damage props or NPCs.

-info_manipulate, info_zombiespawn, info_spawnnode, and info_rallypoint cannot be parented properly.

-If there are two barrels near each other, they can be "rubbed". Rubbed barrels will explode, killing the person who did it and any teammate unfortunate enough to be around at the time. To rub, simply pick up the barrel and start smashing it into the adjacent one.

-Leeches can be escaped in deep water areas by holding crouch and jump at the same time, and sitting relatively still. Commonly known as the "Jesus Glitch".

-Zombies will be drained from the spawn queue of a zombie spawn even if the spawn is hidden at the current time.

-The Revolver can make a firing sound without actually shooting if you switch weapons right before it fires.

-The Mac-10 does not bob in the player's view when moving.

-The Rifle clips through the player's hand during the draw animation.

-It is possible to set rotinaj on fire with a molotov.

-Doors block zombies entirely. In some maps, there is a Manipulate to open doors. However, doors can be spammed by the Survivors so they get in a state where they open and close rapidly, effectively keeping the door shut forever.

-Zombies do not react intelligently to barricades. Shamblers only knock props away if they see a player behind it.

-Molotovs will not function properly in complex maps.

-Item_ammo_crate does not give ammo.

-In rare circumstances, the Rifle/Shotgun will not reload properly until the reload key is pressed again. During this time, the reloading sounds are spammed rapidly (Only to you, not to other players), and the weapon does strange movements (The rifle is held in one hand).